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I wrote a song the other day. Don't laugh at me, I did! I have the music and everything! I really like how the chord progression in this song sounds. Anyway, if any of you DO laugh at me... I will hurt you!


I haven't really finished it yet, but here's what I got so far.

You took me on an one way trip,
Of no return, I can't stand it.
You never lied to me,
I never cried 'cause we,
Never happened to be...

The memories aren't there,
You never did share,
The way that I feel.

And I'm sitting alone,
In this timeless zone,
You never saw me, not once.

Would you catch me if I fall?
Would you answer to my call?
Do you notice me at all?

DO you even know my name?
All you caused me is pain,
we were never meant to be...**


So does anyone like it? Alright, It's a tad lame, but apart from that, is it ok?


[[ OOC~ ** Yesh, I did write that. -ducks- It sucks, I know! :P -rolls eyes- Oh god, I'm a loser... -shakes head- ]]
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