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I'm Not a Tease...

...I'm Just a Reminder of What you Can't Have!

Tatiana Accalia Montague
13 June
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I'm better than you, I'm better than the rest
There's no need to tell me that I am the best
I party by day and party by night
I don't care for schoolwork, or personal plights
If you say's it's white, I'll say it's black
And make sure I win my morbid attack
I wear a crown atop of my head
I'm flirting's royalty and I want you in bed
But all in all, I cannot deny,
I'm Tatiana Montague
And sweeter than pie...**


Name~ Tatiana Accalia WarringtonName Meaning;
Tatiana~ Orgin: Slavic |x| Meaning~ Fairy Queen
Accalia~ Origin: French |x| Meaning~ Noble, High Born
Montague~ Origin: English |x| Meaning~ --

Age~ 17

Birthday~ 13th June

Star Sign~ Gemini

Wand~ Rosewood, 10 1/2 Inches, Unicorn Hair

Residence~ Montague Estate, Manchester

Pets~ Falcon named Malovencia; Cat named Pura


School~ Hogwarts Witchcraft & Wizardry

House~ Slytherin

Year~ 7

Prefect~ No


Parents~ William Montague & Accalia Breaux

Siblings~ --

Close Relatives~ Adaliah Jugson

Bloodline History~ Accalia and William are both Purebloods, and their family tree can be traced back several generations. The Breaux’s background provides the needed ‘High-class & Distingushed’ reputation while the Montague’s provides the ‘Respected and Wealthy’ aspect.

Family History~ Tatiana, like many of the Slytherin's was born into a Pureblood family. Being born to a French/Italian Mother (Accalia Breaux) and an English Father (William Montague) Tatiana has been brought up with the typical Pureblood supremacy attitude you would expect. It didn't really rub off on Tatiana though, she seemed to inherit a carefree attitude from no where. With a pureblood line spanning over 7 generations on both of her parent’s sides,

Tatiana is proud of her pure bloodline heratige, although she doesn't think it's everything, nor does she discriminate against half bloods or muggles. Both of Tatiana’s parents were fanatical supporters of Voldermort and his ways. After Voldermorts fall, Accalia and William swore to alliegnce to the Dark Lord and pledged that they would bring up whatever children they had to the Dark Lord. Soon after this, Tatiana (their one and only child) was born. When Tatiana was 13, her mother died of unknown causes, or that's what was told to the genral public and more to the point, that's the story Tatiana was told.

|~*About Tatiana*~|

|x|Eyes~ Brown/Yellow/Green
|x|Weight~ 54 kgs (119 llbs)
|x|Height~ 5'7
|x|Build~ Petite
|x|Hair~ Dark Brown to Black

Physical Description~ Tatiana is blessed with an athletic and graceful figure. Born to an Italian/French Mother and an English Father, Tatiana has a delightfully exotic look to her. She has dark brown eyes that she would describe as "Dark Chocolate" and flowing sleek brownish blackish hair. Although a little on the short side, what Tatiana lacks in height, she makes up in her sharp witted comments. She is rather fond of using self glamorizing charms and frequently changes her hair colour and texture. She also has very interesting eyes, they change from brown, to black, to green, to yellow. She swears it's natural, but she actually uses a charm to change them. Tatiana has two tattoos, a tribal sun on her lower back and a rosary on her wrist. Tatiana didn't know what a 'rosary' was, untill she decided to look it up in the library one day. Only THEN she found out that it was used in a muggle religo. Tatiana just thought it looked rather pretty...

Personality~ Tatiana is a typical Slytherin, devious and cunning. Being born into a wealthy family, She does not know the meaning of going without, but she is far from spoilt. Tatiana has a very laid back type of aura, but she has a sharp tongue and says anything to anyone, anytime sometimes causing friction between her and her peers. She isn't too fond of other people in other houses, but she won't go out of her way to make trouble. She doesn’t care much for schoolwork, and just scrapes passing grades. Tatiana tends to come across as a bit of a airhead, but occaisonally shocks people with sudden bursts of deep intelect. Normally in the areas of music and sometimes life and it's meaning are the topics she shocks people on. Tatiana is probally the school's biggest flirt and sees no shame in hiding it.

She doesn't really have the whole "Pureblood Superiorty" thing going on, unlike most of her other friends. Tatiana is really very caring, but she hides that behind the "I-Think-I-Am-The-Hotness-I-So-I-Don't-Care-What-You-Think" attitude. She feels at times that she can never live up to her Father's expectation's of her especially as she has to live up to her Mother's high reputaion she left behind when she died. Her Mother is Tatiana's only weak point, and still, to this day, has no idea how and why she died. After Accalia died, William’s personality jumped up and down from meglomanical to vague. He now spends most of his time away, traveling on ‘business’.

Best Friends~ Anyone she can have fun with!

Love Life~ Tatiana is rather fond of flirting and staying single, but when she is in the mood to be tied down, she tends to change her boyfriends as often as she changes her underwear.

Astrology~ Ever heard the phrase "snake-tongued?" It must have been invented to describe a Slytherin Gemini. (This doesn't refer to the Parseltongue gift, either, although the few Slytherin wizards who exhibited it have had a disproportionate number of Geminis in their midst. Slytherin Geminis have the dubious gift of being able to lay the blarney on thick, and be believed. This is due to both their imaginative mental agility and to their skill with words. Of course, not all Slytherin Geminis are liars - but it is probably advisable to get all sides of the story if you hear interesting gossip from one of these wizards. Slytherins born under the sign of Gemini are also naturally skilled at any magical work which involves slight of hand or incantations. They are less determined and aggressive than the average Slytherin, though, save perhaps in a field that involves debate. You will find far more of them chatting in the common room or looking up arcane lore in the library than on the Quidditch field or in a dueling match, with the exception of Quidditch Seekers: the sharp eyesight and quick reflexes associated with Gemini are good traits for a Seeker to have.

Phobia's~ Small enclosed dark spaces

Dress Style~ Fashionable, stylish and modern.

|x|Subject~ Potions ::best subject. By far::
|x|Food~ Fizzing Whizzbee’s ::addicted to them::
|x|Drink~ Imported Red Magnolia Wine ::delicious::
|x|Person~ The lady who sells me clothes at half price ::she’s a doll::
|x|Scent~ Jasmine ::*smiles*::
|x|Music~ Anything! ::i love my music::
|x|Thing to do~ Talk ::im told i never stop…::

Least Favorites~
|x|Subject~ Everything Transfiguration ::whats the point in it?::
|x|Food~ Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans ::*shudders*::
|x|Drink~ Pumpkin Juice ::its foul::
|x|Person~ Anyone who she takes a disliking too ::you if your not careful::
|x|Scent~ Body Odor ::its so demeaning::
|x|Music~ NIL ::i’m very open minded when it comes to music::
|x|Thing to do~ Being critizied ::do it and die::

Likes~ Hexing people, rain, expensive things, make-up, boys, gossip, clothes.

Dislikes~ Irritating people, disloyal people, sunshine, bad personal hygine, cheap jewelry, FAKE jewelry


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I am not (Tatiana) Montague, all rights and trademarks of Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling herself, Bloomsbry Publishing & Warner Brothers. Neither am I Rachel Bilson, she belongs to herself. More to the point, I don’t claim to be her, nor do I have any affiliation with Rachel or her management. So please don't sue. This is merely a RPG Journal for cw_kellystreet. Go there to join. Thankyou to LJ Layouts for my layout, you are WONDERFUL! **I wrote that. Did you hear that. ME. If you take it and pass it of as your own, that's called pagerism. SO DON'T DO IT! Thankyou!